Yesterday was fantastic. I had my going away party with my friends and had an absolute blast. Started at Monday Night Brewing at 1:30 and didn't stop until midnight. It was an All-American theme, so I tossed on a red shirt and was planning on getting accessories when I got to MNB. Little did I know, my buddy Harper had different plans. And when a friend presents you with an Uncle Sam costume, you can't turn it down. So one quick trip to the bathroom and I had morphed into a true patriot. I certainly turned some heads, and on the bright side, it made it very easy for people to find our group. 

We went from Monday Night Brewing for some food and beverages at Krog Street Market, then walked over to Ladybird where the shots began flowing. The hazy nightcap at MJQ was a great way to end it...I'd love to see video of Uncle Sam dancing the night away. 

I drank entirely too much beer and am paying for it today, but with such a great group of people out with me I didn't want it to end. I will certainly miss these people when I'm away. I look forward to meeting new friends abroad, but they will have some tough shoes to fill.